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Discover our concept

 THE scénovision®

The Scénomusée® la Toinette et Julien was born from a registered concept : The Scénovision® .

It is a fascinating alchemy between museum and theatre, technology and magic, history and emotion : a true experience of living history.

  • A surprising and dynamic stage production
  • Magical special effects led by computer
  • Sounds, voices and music …
  • Multiple audiovisual media techniques in the service of the show
  • A poetic masterpiece, put in words by a talented playwright : Robert Poudérou
  • Aknowledged actors: Jenny Clève (Bienvenue chez les Ch’tits, Lucie Aubrac, Germinal, l’été meurtrier) and Jacques Bonnafé ( Movies : Les amitiés maléfiques, La repentie. Theatre : Le banquet de la sale défaite, Sous l’oeil d’Oedipe…)

Nothing is forgotten for you to fully enjoy the athmosphere !

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