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  • Push the door and get swept off your feet… and if you don’t get out moved to tears, then you are a dry heart ! VSD
  • If you are in the area, you absolutely cannot leave without visiting la Toinette.  Balades en France
  • Singular meeting ! Efficient production, well supported by judiciously used technological effects…  Guide Vert Michelin
  • The emotion experienced by young and old alike transpires when one reads the Guestbook…Personnally, I declare myself an unconditional fan of this place that defies traditional labels. Pleine Vie
  • People often come in packaged tours, then come back with their families to share with them the magic this house provides.  La Montagne


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Trip Advisor

  • << A beautiful trip back in time

Written on july 21st 2014

Upon leaving, you remain very emotional and touched by Toinette’s tale. But also when Julien’s story reminds you of life’s true values. A must see !

  • << A jump down memory lane

Written on august 6th 2014

A good moment that brings back so many memories.  A compelling atmosphere in lovely surroundings. Bravo to the team, you brought tears to my eyes.

  • <<Brilliant

Written on october 14th 2014

I loved it ! They pulled out all the stops and you don’t get bored for one second… the scenes are richly reproduced, it’s entertaining, poetic… a complete success ! I recommend it to everyone from 7 to 77. I loved Toinette as much as Julien. Treat yourself and go !

  • << Top

Written on april 2015Avis écrit le 7 avril 2015

You don’t expect something so well constructed. The means are there, the guide was very nice… all in all an excellent and instructive morning… a place to go.


The yellow pages

  • << A must see in the Auvergne

Published on march 31st 2010 regarding “museums”

A tale of two lives 200 years apart. Everything seems real because the stories are real. The rooms are innovatively animated and the atmosphere is supported by the appropriate smells, sounds and lights. A true delight. Especially being surprised, it is actually difficult to explain. The script is recited magistrally by professional actors, adding to the realism of the whole show. You come out with an optimistic view on things, which is rare nowadays. It goes by too fast ! thgo

your impressions


  • Pouli ! pouli ! Si sian regala et sian touti estranbouli. Lou Rodou Valeten
  • What an enchanting visit ! I could have stayed for hours. Beautiful settings and atmosphere. A visit to recommend. L. Rousseau, teacher.
  • It doesn’t happen to me often, but I felt very proud and emotional to be with you all vocally. A great achievement… Jacques Bonaffé (Julien’s voice).
  • A fascinating visit !!! Thank you for the excellent recording in English. A.F. (visitors from England).
  • El museo esta planteado de forma muy sentimental y graciosa. A spanish group from Huelva
  • This visit reminded me of the village of the “brave men” my father told me about. Aminata, Senegalese.
  • It is the first time that we witness the past from a region being addressed with so much artistry and simplicity. Superb script. Poetry, charm, attention to detail, harmony… it is all there. Thank you. Club du Pré Saint Gervais
  • When organising this vision on our heritage, you acted “true”, you spoke “true”. Thank you for the touch of patois from the Auvergne, thankfully still alive ! Odile
  • Whatever the land or the language, joys and sorrows were the same ; thank you for collecting them for the future. J-P. Loye
  • At last ! An intelligent museography, accessible to all, even to younger children. Well done. 

 Truth comes out of the mouths of babes !

  • This visit emotioned me. Flo, 8 ans
  • I am a 10 years old from brittany, I thought it was great and I will com back with my kids when I grow up. Emilie
  • The visit was super and mum wanted to steal all the furniture. Victor, Annecy
  • It was top super giga cool. Anne-Julie, Cyril, Elsa, Anthony…
  • We came on our parents’advice and we are not disppointed. It’s magic ! Yann et Alexandra
  • It enchantment me very much. Cyril, 9 ans
  • Everyone should make museums where you can sit down. Yann, 14 ans

What about les Virées ?

  • We had an excellent day. I think the program pleased our members.
    They didn’t expect at all what happened. As for the Gossip and Waters Tour with Josephine, now THAT was a surprise ! We had a good laugh. I recommend this program and I will talk about it around me. Mme Ferrasson
  • We had a very nice day, well done to the actress who made us discover the Auvergne with plenty of humour ! l’escola dau mont gargan
  • Our group was very satisfied with your performance in le Mont Dore ; you astounded us with your accent ; some even thought “why go and look for an english guide when there are some in the Auvergne already?”.
    Once more, well done to Charlotte de la Tronchette : we hope she’ll soon find new gossips to share……
    Centre Culturel de Chasseneuil du Poitou
  • The group was delighted !!! Thank you for your performance !!! SARL OUVRIER
  • We enjoyed this moment enormously, “Etiennette” was impeccable, and even my “not to french familiar” trainees got on board. Thank you so much.
  • I would like to say that I enormously enjoyed Marissou’s performance on august 17th in Menet, as did everyone who was there. The actress showed great professionnalism and had meticulously prepared this complex subject. PNR des Volcans d’Auvergne
  • We received lots of praise on yesterday’s performance ! Everyone was delighted despite the rainy end !
    Bureau de Tourisme du Mont-Dore


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