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La Grange de Julien : Julien’s Barn

Julien comes back to his roots ...

Change of setting, place and time … back to the modern world ! Julien bridges the gap between the past and his future as a man of the 21st century.

Julien’s return

Julien, a distant descendant of Toinette, comes back to Murat-le-Quaire, where he inherited a barn.
He transforms it under your eyes, restarts his uncle Lucien’s old forge… and, along the way, makes us wonder about the future of the country and its inhabitants.
Come and leaf trough his diary, a tale of tomorrow !

julien’s barn

This barn hides a very sophisticated technical system serving an animated theatrical show :
We come back to the modern world, with computers, comics, music…
Comfortably seated, you can watch, listen…and feel.
the past becomes the present through masterfully crafted special effects and a beautifully told story… which transports you very far away !
Meet the characters of this modern tale…

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