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Our association

Art et Traditions des Monts Dore


our board

Olivier CHAMBONNET, President

Danielle MULLER FAURE, Vice-President

René BOUYON, Secretary

Janine ROUX, Assistant Secretary

Maurice FRELUT, Treasurer

André COUDERT, Assistant Treasurer

an association, quietly promoting our locality.

An association defines itself as a reunion of goodwilling men and women sharing the same goal. Thus was the case with Art et Traditions des Monts Dore, created in 1991 under the leadership of our Town Council led by Marcel Bony, surrounded by a team of motivated and supportive town councellors.
Composed of local history and heritage passionates, the association first invested in La Maison de la Toinette ‘s project (Toinette’s House), then took part in its creation. Two years later, in 1993, the association was entrusted with the management of  la Maison de la Toinette, which enjoyed immediate success. Thinking of the future, and showing great entrepreneurial spirit, the association invested in 1997 on a second site : la Grange de Julien (Julien’s Barn). Finally, in 2009, the association implemented les Virées du Sancy®, an new cultural and touristic concept encompassing the whole Sancy Massif.

During the last 22 years, our association has sadly lost many friends, meaningful names for most of us, that we would like to honor here :
♦Pierre Ballet,  ♦René Barrat,  ♦Marcel Bony,  ♦Robert Courbier,  ♦Georges Cousin,  ♦Mathilde Dauphin,  ♦Jean Jallat,  ♦Jacqueline Laveissière,  ♦Micheline Léman,  ♦Edouard Roux et ♦Claude Borel.
They all contributed in many different ways to Toinette’s life because they believed in and enriched the project; They gave their time, energy and skills… even their constructive criticism !

Three presidents have, to this day, led the Association Art et Traditions des Monts Dore : René Barrat, Jean-Marie Déat and, currently, Olivier Chambonnet.
We would also like to  name our founding members, faithful and dynamic since 1993 : René Bouyon secretary, Janine Roux assistant secretary, Michel Lacombe and Danielle Muller-Faure.
The Administration Committee is currently composed of :
– the Board members

– and Gérard Brugière, Françoise Chambonnet, Maguy Dufaud, Emmanuel Guillaume, et Raymond Lacombe who manage Toinette and Julien’s day to day and future activities with skill and diligence.
Let us at last mention our Active Members : Guy Chambonnet, Pascale Chappot, Martine Coursolles, Valérie Cullet, Jean-Marie Déat, Serge Faure, Agnès Lapinte,  Eliane Méallet et Anita Roux, who are always there when called upon by the association and bring friendly support to its projects, and one honorary member, Michel Lacombe.

All these capacities, skills and sensitivities gave the necessary energy for our association’s management and vitality.

Proud of our community, of our village of Murat-le-Quaire, Toinette and Julien show a long lasting and never failing success.

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