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La Maison de la Toinette : Toinette’s House

What about a visit to Grandma ?

An animated emotional journey in times past in the Auvergne : Toinette, a universal grandmother, guides you from room to room and tells you the story of her life, of her family and her village from 1830 to 1912.


La Toinette

A peasant woman from the 19th century, collective memory of our village, Toinette lived her whole life in Murat-le-Quaire.
She tells you of her joys and sorrows, of her family and her village.
As the story unfolds, nature breathes, the house animates, the characters come to life again, loving… or frightening…

One cannot help but think about his own parents, grandparents, great grandparents.

Young and old alike, open the door… the door to yesterday !

toinette’s house

Four rooms to discover Toinette’s whole life and world, where space and time change, in a country inhabited by simple folks, much affected by the slightest thing, and easily scared out of their wits !

A fascinating alchemy between museum and theatre, technology and magic…

  • In a mountain farm, between the stables and the common room,
  • A poetic masterpiece, put in words by a talented playwright : Robert Poudérou
  • Aknowledged actors as interprets : Jenny Clève and Jacques Bonnafé
  • Multiple audiovisual media techniques in the service of the show
  • A 360° experience



It is as if you were really there…

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