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Our village



A remarkably well-preserved village, made of lauze and lava stone…

At the heart of the Regional Nature Park of the Auvergne Volcanoes, 1 050 metres high, the village overlooks the High Dordogne valley and displays a splendid view on the Puy de Sancy (1886 m), the highest volcano in the Massif Central.

A few steps away, the Banne d’Ordanche (1512 m) offers a stunning perspective on the Sancy Massif.

Murat-le-Quaire, it is also :

  • A volcano : the Banne d’Ordanche (viewing table) 1512 m
  • Marked trails : hiking (several PRs and GR 30), riding and biking
  • Lake Pré Cohadon : fishing and a fitness path around the lake
  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoes routes
  • A european model aircraft center, run by the association Les Ailes Silencieuses
  • An outdoor activity association : Auvergn’attitude
  • An educational goat farm : La Chèvrerie des Monts Dore
  • A Saint Nectaire cheese producing PDO farm : le GAEC des Estives
  • All year round festivities with Murat en Fête

Accomodation : auberges, campings and a caravan park , furnished appartments, guest houses and groups lodgings,
Restaurants : several offers (see our “Food and Drink” tab).

Murat-le-Quaire is halfway between the two beautiful thermal towns of  La Bourboule and Le Mont-Dore, and a few kilometres from the Sancy Massif winter resort (Super Besse, Chastreix, le Mont-Dore, Charlannes…)

For more information : Bureau de Tourisme de Murat-le-Quaire

Mairie de Murat-le-Quaire


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